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Have a printer, scanner, camera or something else that just does not work right anymore? Most likely we can update the driver for that piece of hardware for you and it will begin working for you again.  It is really that easy!  Download PC Updater

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Remove all the guessing from updating your drivers the old manual way.  When you update your drivers with PC Updater you simply click a button to let PC Updater test your PC and what drivers are installed and then it will check out database of millions of drivers to find the latest drivers that are specifically for your computer.

Then you just follow the simple instructions as PC Updater guides you as you update every driver on your computer that is out of date.  This will increase your computer's stability, speed, and overall performance.

Your computer will love you for it.


You have probably heard that you should keep your drivers up to date on your computer.  This article is going to show you how to do that.

First I'll explain what a driver does and how it will affect your computer.  A driver is a program that interacts with a specific device.  Each driver contains specific information about that device and is needed for the device to operate.

Anytime you update windows or 3rd party software on your computer you can affect how your hardware performs. To ensure optimal performance you need to make sure you are always using the latest drivers available.

The easiest way to keep your drivers up to date is to download our Free driver scanner and let it tell you what drivers need to be updated.

You want to manually update your drivers?

Now and then you will need to manually install a driver from a cd or the internet.  It's always a good idea to use a driver that is provided by the creator of the device than some 3rd party driver.

You can usually find drivers from the creators website.  It is usually rather confusing as to which driver you need and that is why we created this software that scans your computer for which drivers you need and then installs the latest drivers specific to your computer.

For example if you are trying to make sure you have the latest driver for your Altec microphone you would start by searching google for altec microphone drivers and hopefully the altec company site will come up with its database of their lastest drivers for their products.

You need to make sure that you are downloading the correct driver for the model number product you are using or you could have a compatibility problem.  This is where automated software can really save you time.

We will always supply you with the latest driver for your needs that are customized to your specific computer in our driver updater software anytime you need driver updates.

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Now that was easy!  I spent 3 hours updating my drivers for my printer and scanner the other night and your pc updater just handled all my updates on my laptop in about 20 minutes!

Oliver W.
Branson, MO